Activities nearby

Sports and leisure activities nearby

Walking and Hiking

Nature lovers can discover the diversity of the landscape along the many paths of the Dordogne Valley. All of the walking tours are available in your welcome booklet.
These hikes are accessible on foot, mountain bikes and horseback
Examples of trails in the surrounding area include:
The Diversity of the Causse flora (PDF)
From the Causse plateaus to limestone cliffs (PDF)
Water and Stones (PDF)


2 km from the castle, you can embark by canoe on one of the most beautiful rivers in France: the Dordogne.
From your canoe (2 or 3 places) you will discover incredible landscapes, stunning limestone cliffs, castles… You should make the most of it by stopping off at the many secluded beaches lining the river to have a swim, a picnic or to sunbathe…
2 pre-conditions: canoeing is possible from the age of 7 years and you must know how to swim.

Caving / Climbing

In a region boasting many caves, chasms and cliffs, there is a whole underground world to be discovered with rivers and stunning stalactites and stalagmites.


Only 21 km away, pack up your clubs for the Souillac or Montal golf courses. If you’ve left them behind club and equipment is available for hire.