Le Château de Termes… « Termes » means milestone. In Roman times, this area was overlooking the plateau of Issolud, a historic site where the army of Cesar crushed the last efforts of resistance by the gaules (51BC).

In the 14th century, the site was a small hamlet ruled by the fortified castle of Blanat. In 1726, Pierre de Termes decided to build the castle that in turn later became a large wine estate. But when the phylloxera disease destroyed the wineyards, the Château de Termes, like all the surrounding properties, abandoned winemaking and took up growing truffles instead. Oak trees were planted for the famous “black diamond”. It was such a success that a steam train line was built to bring truffles from Martel to Saint-Denis-près-Martel (1km away) before they were sent off to Paris.

The story of the castle is linked to generations of people passionate about their land and who lived with the rhythms of each season. Their love for nature and tradition made this corner of the Dordogne Valley an exceptional site. It is now your turn to come and enjoy it and share with us wonderful memories