Recycling is key and we have taken a few steps to facilitate the recycling of glass, batteries, plastics and compost on site.

Animals are our best allies
Our chickens eat all the left-overs and give you wonderfully fresh eggs. The sheep also step up to the plate by naturally cutting the grass!

We collect corks from wine bottles to help cancer research

And plastic bottle tops to help in the buying of wheelchairs (PMR)

Old batteries

All our cleaning products and toilet paper are eco-friendly

We regularly invest in solar lights and encourage our guests to switch off the lights whenever they are not in use

We use natural materials such as stone or wood from the family sawmill 10km away

We are particularly attentive to the harmony between the site and nature. All our plants are regional and we minimize the need for watering through various techniques.

Our grounds are pedestrianized to minimize pollution. No cars are allowed on the site except on days of arrivals and departures.

In order to provide a quiet and serene atmosphere, our accommodation is spread throughout our grounds with each accommodation having its own independent and private space so you won’t be overlooking any neighbours. There are only 14 buildings spread over 3 hectares of land.

Wifi connection is limited to one area to encourage people to make the most of the environment and…of each other.

We recommend buying your vegetables, cheese and other produce from local farms … Organic local produce is also for sale at reception.

Our commitment to the environment is at the heart of our holiday village.